Poetry at the Post-In Transit: Shelling Beans While Flying

A Treatise on Shelling Beans by Wiesław Myśliwski, as translated by Bill Johnston
Archipelago Books, 2013

When people can be divided by something the always will be.
It doesn’t have to be a river

As I waited for my flight across the Atlantic Ocean, I considered borders-those divisions that exist inside and out There’s the ocean, the language & the fear of crossing.

It’s the tension between wanting to go and wanting to stay.

…he invited me to at least come for the mushroom picking.

polish 2

But if you do not make the journey, you may not taste the pappardelle, the butter cream, the chanterelles.

But don’t give up, Never give up. It doesn’t always repay people, but maybe with you it will.

Whatever it is you love, you want, don’t give up.

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