Casita de Salida Cafe & Literary Salon

JULY 3, 2019 Update: We’re now in Santa Fe at Casita de Salida! We’ve been busy setting up our lives and having intimate dinner parties. Coming Fall! Look for our literary salons at Casita de Salida with Food and Drink inspired by books. September Book: WINESBURG, OHIO by SHERWOOD ANDERSON. 




May 2nd Update: All summer we will be tasting, cooking and learning about Japanese food, especially Japanese Farm Food in preparation for our first book next season in the virtual literary salon: THE TALE OF GENJI by Murasaki Shikibu. Look for us at the Atrium Loft Café & Literary Salon and The Oaxaca Mead Hall beginning June 1, 2017. (Please note that Casa 300 Bakery & Literary Salon will be closing mid May.)

japanese farm food.jpg

December 27th Update: We’re cooking Welsh for The Mabinogion Reading Group! Welsh Rarebit? You betcha! Come join us! Beginning  January 15, 2017 at all three venues!!!

The Atrium Loft Cafe & Literary Salon*: A place to gather+eat+discuss.

Food and drinks are inspired by literature and the evening includes readings from the current book of the month.

Free and open to Global Reading Group members/invited guests only. Contact for more info.

*Sister operations include the Casa 300 Bakery & Literary Salon and the Oaxaca Mead Hall.

March 9th update: We’re cooking Italian for Dante!


February 1, 2016 update:

The Atrium Loft Cafe  will reopen February 8th. We’ll be cooking Portuguese and sipping on port as we celebrate the last week of our reading of OS Lusiades by Camöes.


October 2015th Update:

Chocolate making classes in Cuzco, Peru! Always on the lookout for ways to enhance our menus.  We’ll be back in operation in Austin and Mano Prieto, TX. at the end of October just in time for the holidays! Special dinners inspired by the books and times of Edith Wharton will be featured in November! Come join us!

September 4th Update:

Baker John of Casa 300 Bakery & Literary Salon received a gift of peaches so Voila! he made a bourbon-peach pie.

photo courtesy of John M. Jennings
photo courtesy of John M. Jennings

May 10th Update: We celebrated the birthday of poet, Bernadette Mayer a the Atrium Loft  Cafe this morning. Today’s brunch menu: organic, cage-free scrambled eggs with chives; French toast strata; fresh fruit salad; pastures from Easy Tiger bakery & mimosas. Poetry: Bernadette Mayer, of course.

Bernadette Mayer Birthday Party May 10, 2015
Bernadette Mayer Birthday Party
May 10, 2015

We are always on the look out for new recipes for our literary pop ups!

sourcing recipes Istanbul, turkey 2014
sourcing recipes Istanbul, turkey 2014

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