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Thank you to the editors of the Undertow Tanka Review! A tanka by me is coming out soon!

Holy Leaves! My poem “Children at Play in Beaumont Park, 1934” will be part of The Poetry Leaves Project Exhibition May 2-31, 2017 and will also be published in the Poetry Leaves bound volume. If you happen to be in Michigan nearby Waterford Township this May, check it out—and take some photos for me. And, yes, Poetry can be Art!

Excited and honored! Just learned that my “Two Icelandic Tales” are forthcoming in the upcoming anthology series of Lilac City Fairy Tales: Weird Sisters, published by Scablands Books. Makes me want to take a trip to Iceland!

Poetry Leaves Exhibition, Waterford, MI 2016



 Notations: The Imaginary Diary of Julian of Norwich, Red Bird Chapbooks, forthcoming in 2017

Katherine of Aragon: A Collection of Poems, Finishing Line Press, 2016

 Journals, Anthologies, and Others:

“The Morning After the Super Moon.” Portage Magazine, Spring 2017

“Jane Seymour Receives a Gift from King Henry VIII” and “Katherine Parr Receives a Marriage Proposal from King Henry VIIO,”Volume 10 of The Found Poetry Review

 “The Birth of Elizabeth” and “The Death of Prince Henry,” Noctua Review, Volume 9, 2016

“36 Hours, Oaxaca, Mexico,” La Voz de Esperanza, November 2016.

“Nancy Drew in Finland,” Nancy Drew Anthology: A Collection of Poetry, Prose, Art & Photography by Silver Birch Press, 2016.

“Woman Crossing A River In Oaxaca, A Sketch,” in Ounwapi, the first print literary journal of Oglala Lakota College, a tribal college in South Dakota.

“Late Autumn in Far West Texas” 2017 TEXAS POETRY CALENDAR published by Dos Gatos Press.

“Boreas,” Poetry Leaves Exhibition, Waterford, Michigan, May 2016.

“Hell on Earth,” Violence and Women: An Anthology by Sable Books, Fall 2016.

“Late Autumn in Far West Texas,” 2017 Texas Poetry Calendar by Dos Gatos Press, July 2016.

Four poems inspired by epic literature, “the quint: an interdisciplinary quarterly from the north”  University College of the North in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada, March 2016.

Selected Poetry from Notations: The Imagined Diary of Julian of Norwich, The Sigh Press, an online literary journal for writers of English in Tuscany, Spring 2016-Issue 8

“Boreas,” “Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel, Budapest,” and “Bare Shoulders”GTK Creative Journal, October 2015

“Comparsa” La Voz de Esperanza, November issue 2015

“Bengali Sweet House” and “Raj Mandir Cinema” in Issue 6 of Zoomoozophone Review

“1966,”  The Poets’ Republic, Summer  2015

“Passages” and “Accordion Lesson” translated into Slovakian by Dušan Šuster, ENCYKLOPÉDIA POZNANIA, May 2015

“Meditations at the Ruins of Aquincum”  Summer University, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, February 2015

“Septembris”WAYPOINTS,” Inaugural Issue, January 2015

“Passages” translated into Bulgarian by Dimana Ivanova, Public Republic, January 2015

“Accordion Lesson” translated into Bulgarian by Dimana Ivanova, Public Republic, January 2015

“After the Burial” La Voz de Esperanza, November issue 2014

“The Manticore” First Literary Review-East, May 2014

“Accordion Lesson” Boyne Berries, March 2014

“Café Brujula” in the Hawai’i Review Issue 78 2013

“Letter from Ecuador” in The Louisville Review Fall 2013

“Three Cinquains after the Exhibition: III Bienal Ciudad Juarez-El Paso Biennial 2013: “The “River Seems Calm,” “Untitled I” and “We all watch 2012” in In Other Words Merida, September 2013

“Catherine on the Royal Progress North” Penumbra, Spring Summer 2013

Five Tudor Poems: “The Stillbirth,” “Anne’s Prayer,” “Henry Hears Rumors of Anne’s Infidelity.” “Caught in Revelry by the King After the Death of Katherine of Aragon,” “The Miscarriage” in The Fertile Source, April 28, 2013

“Blue or Nothing” in The Round Top Anthology, Summer 2013

“In Search for a New Home” first performed at The Crowley Theater, Marfa, TX  August 2013

“Woman in Winter” and “Passages” in In Other Words- Merida, March 2012

“After Gerard Manley Hopkins” in Pyramid, January 2010

“In Search of a Home”
Photo courtesy of John Jennings


“Letter from Ecuador,” nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The Louisville Review, 2013

MFA Candidate Award, US Poets in Mexico, Merida, Mexico 2013

Lecture: “The Human Space: How Philosophy, Biology, Culture, History and the Arts Converge in the Bestiario of Juan Jose Arreola”

“Letter from Ecuador” nominated by the Spalding University MFA Program for The Intro Journals Project, a literary competition for the discovery and publication of the best new works by students currently enrolled in AWP member programs, 2012

Poetry Reading Merida English Library 2013 Mexico photo courtesy of John Jennings
Poetry Reading
Merida English Library 2013
photo courtesy of John Jennings


The Fertile Source

Marfa Public Radio

Here’s a link to my  most recent interview with translator Cristiana Mennella from Bologna, Italy on April 24, 2015.

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