Poetry at the Post: Castles & Writing And A Chance To Spend A Week In A Czech Town

Where the Castle Is
The upkeep of the castle is
The downfall of the cottages
Where fishermen and peasants live
Or used to live

Krumlov Castle
Krumlov Castle
“Cesky Krumlov-Asahiko2” by Asahiko – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Commons –

A chance to meet other writers and discover a medieval Czech town! Sounds interesting. Has anyone participated before in the Literary Bohemian WriteAway Residency? If so, your thoughts?

Literary Bohemian WriteAway Residency

Set in UNESCO World Heritage town of Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

November 15-20, 2015

*Appication deadline: October 15 ;
space limited to a maximum of 10 residents

This residency provides you the opportunity to meet other writers working across all genres whilst experiencing the most beautiful town in Europe. Daily guided writing exercises provided by Carolyn Zukowski, Editor of the Literary Bohemian.

Accommodation in private rooms with or without private bath.
* Price: 300-350 EUR – This includes accommodation for 5 nights and a delicious, home-cooked breakfast every morning. Healthy snacks, cakes, and coffee available throughout the day.
* eligibility requirements – Must be over 18, with valid passport. Must have had work published in print or online within the last three years.

“Cesky Krumlov 01”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

This retreat is for writers who not only want a room of their own, but also the structured inspiration of a writing tutor who will lead morning group exercises and offer a half-hour, one-on-one session during the week to explore your writing in depth. Each writer gets a private room with or without private facilities as well as a hearty, buffet-style breakfast. A simple lunch is served daily, and dinners can be made communally or taken at one of the many local restaurants.

A typical tutored Write Away
On Monday, writers arrive between 4.30pm and 6pm. Dinner will be provided. After dinner, the tutors will introduce their plans for the week. Tuesday through Friday, the mornings will be dedicated to specific writing exercises. On Thursday evening the tutor reads from their own work. On Friday evening the group gets together to share and celebrate each other’s writing. The week comes to a close on Saturday morning, after breakfast.

The stage of the castle theatre
The stage of the castle theatre

Poetry at the Post, Day 12: Czech Poet, Katerina Rudcenkova

“Yes, I live inside the piano” by Katerina Rudcenkova, as translated by Alexandra Büchler

June 3, 2014
June 3, 2014

Continuing my travels to the Czech Republic, I found the young Czech poet, playwright and photographer, Katerina Rudcenkova. What I’ve read of her work so far, I really like. It is fresh, yet powerful.

“Yes, I live inside the piano” is a short—3-line poem. For a quick poetry fix, you can read it here. It is fun with a twist at the end.


If you want to know more, you can listen to this interview with Rudcenkova on Radio Czech.

Covered by purple leaves
I’ll leave my roots under water…

Czech Switzerland National Park, photo courtesy of Olaf1541, as licensed under CC Share Alike 3.0
Czech Switzerland National Park, photo courtesy of Olaf1541, as licensed under CC Share Alike 3.0


I am looking forward to visiting the Czech Republic. How great that its first president Vaclav Havel was a poet!

In googling everything Czech this morning, I discovered Czech Switzerland—a National Park in northwestern Czech Republic. A fairly new National Park, it looks like a good place to visit.