CFP: Teaching Chaucer’s Tales with Visuals.

Call for papers for the Chaucer MetaPage session at the International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, in May 2017

Beyond the Portraits: Teaching Chaucer’s Tales with Visuals

Deadline for Submission: September 15, 2016 

Chaucer MetaPage


The Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 is mentioned in the Tales.CBeyond the Portraits: 

Teaching Chaucer’s Tales with Visuals.

For this session, we seek papers that explore the possibilities of using visual materials to teach the Canterbury Tales, going beyond the Ellesmere portraits and similar highly familiar resources. These resources could be online or off (e.g. photos, underexplored book illustrations, ephemera). The session will emphasize the pedagogical value of these materials.

Poetry at the Post: A Clerihew? Say What?

A Clerihew by Alice-Catherine Jennings

Chaucer as a pilgrim from the Ellesmere manuscript
Chaucer as a pilgrim from the Ellesmere manuscript

NaPoWriMo Day 25: Write a clerihew—a short poem consisting of rhymed, humorous quatrains involving a specific person’s name.

Ok! I’m game but today all roads lead to Chaucer as it is Day One of THE CHAUCER READING GROUP. Check it out! It’s not too late to join. It’s totally free—even the book can be downloaded for free online.

Geoffrey Chaucer
became an author
after war & prison
& his return to England 

Geoffrey Chaucer
Geoffrey Chaucer