Poetry at the Post: The Lizard In Us All

A Lizard in Spanish Valley
A lizard does not make a sound,
it has no song,
it does not share my love affairs
with flannel sheets,
bearded men,…

Feral Jackson's chameleon from a population introduced to Hawaii in the 1970s
Feral Jackson’s chameleon from a population introduced to Hawaii in the 1970s

The lizards are out in my neighborhood—on footpaths, sidewalks and in the garage. I kind of like them—the way they scurry to and fro…

From Professor Wikipedia I have learned that “many lizards have highly acute color vision. Most lizards rely heavily on body language, using specific postures, gestures, and movements to define territory, resolve disputes, and entice mates.”

Now I watch my lizards more closely to see what they are up to. Mine are, of course, not so brightly defined as the Jackson’s chameleon. They are only little brown squamate reptiles yet they are no less charming.

But sitting here the afternoon,
I’ve come to believe
we do share a love affair
and a belief —
in wink, blink, stone,


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