Poetry at the Post: Void and Compensation by Michael Morse

Iris persica, a bulbous iris
Iris persica, a bulbous iris

I had the good fortune last night to be at the Marfa Book Co for a reading by poet Michael Morse, which was prescient as today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a “review poem.”

Instead, of writing a review of the reading (which was terrific) or Morse’s new book Void and Compensation (Don’t you just want to read the book for its title?), I decided to assemble a modified cento poem—a poem composed entirely of the words of other authors arranged in a new form or way.

For me, Morse’s lovingly haunting lines stand as their own review.

Void and Compensation* 
                         —After Michael Morse

So you are related to the iris, in and of its family.
April, the meadowlark back on his post, 
I led wayward bees to open windows.

We had put our hearts down on paper.
Since when did keeping things to ourselves
help us to better remember them? 

void and compensation

*All lines are from Void and Compensation by Michael Morse, Canarium Books, 2015.

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