An Agave, Ocotillos And A Poem

Agave in the West
Donald Davie

…I think of Agave,
Queen of the maenads…

Come buy our architect-designed home in Mano Prieto in Far West Texas, just about midway between Marfa and Fort Davis.

280 + days of deep blue skies and glorious sunshine. Enjoy the cultural activities of Marfa plus the majestic scenery of the Davis Mountains year round.

hiking CDRI
photo by John Mark Jennings ©

Call Pat at Marfa Realty to schedule an appointment at 432 729-3962.

Marfa Cool Meets Big Skies of Fort Davis

Our home is for sale. Check it out here.

Nestled against Mano Prieto Mountain with 360 views.

mano prieto2Large open kitchen/dining/ living with fireplace. Perfect for parties or poetry readings!



And—look at this! Your very own red studio with bath to write, paint or ….


Close to The Chinati Foundation, Davis Mountains State Park, McDonald Observatory, CDRI and Big Bend National Park. Enjoy world-class cultural events with Marfa Live Arts, Marfa Book Co.and Ballroom Marfa.

Enjoy morning coffee at Do Your Thing—(I love this place!) after yoga at The Well and return to your own studio to write while you listen to community supported Marfa Public Radio—radio for a wide range.

At night, you can head up to the McDonald Observatory for a Star Party or host a private star party  outside on your own 10 beautiful acres of grasslands looking out toward the domes of the observatory.

Call  Pat at Marfa Realty (432) 729-3962 for more information or for a showing.

Poetry at the Post: All Things French

French Grocer Marathon, Texas April 2015
French Grocer
Marathon, Texas
April 2015

NaPoWriMo Day 27: Write a hay(na)ku—which as I learned to day is a variant of the haiku. The formula for a hay(na)ku is simple: 3 lines arranged in ascending word order—1 word, 2 words, 3 words—or you can reverse it as I’ve done below.

All Things French by Alice-Catherine Jennings

Chanel No 5*
chic, fine

black fruit bouquet
Bordeaux wine

a lover’s kiss
his tongue

tall upright frame
angular blade

charming stone cottage
Chez Alice

*Stopping by The French Grocer in Marathon, TX (pop 430) on my way to Big Bend National Park caused ” a dream crash” last  night. Well, it wasn’t entirely The French Grocer’s fault. There was also a power outage at BBNP so the lodge restaurant was offering its “Power Outage” menu to a full-to-capacity park. What’s on a “Power Outage” menu? Not much. It’s limited to a few cold items and whatever they can throw on the charcoal grill out back.Yet, Gracias a Dios for the effort

I sank into bed after “not much food” and a glass of wine—not French…and soon I was in Vienna with Coco Chanel at a Chinese restaurant that ran out of food…well, not for everyone… just me. I was complaning to the manager and then Sisi, the last Empress of Austria, walked by…not true, the last part that is…and maybe I wasn’t even with Coco Chanel but with somebody else…perhaps my daughter…. I think I was wearing Chanel No. 5 but then again maybe I was only smelling the insect repellent I had put on my wrists to keep the gnats away…yet I WAS in Vienna and a woman walked by…or did she? Then today I ran across this short film, Reincarnation.  Did Karl Lagerfeld raid my dream before it had even been dreamt?