A Poem is a Leaf~

My poem “Boreas” was selected to be a part of the Poetry Leaves Exhibition in Waterford, Michigan. It  will hang from a tree on the Waterford Civic Center campus through the month of May 2016. Check it out if you happen to be nearby. and send me a photo!


—After Sylvia Plath

I’ve done it again–rushed against the grasses,

grabbing tumble-weeds as weapons, the burst

of anger. Orithyia! She drives me crazy. Like

the beat of the baker’s hands forcing the yeast


to break open, I slammed No. 9, the highway

sign, hooked it in my grip and flung it against

the café’s metal siding. I’ve done it again

—miscreant of the family, bully punk.


If you want the swish of an egg, the suspense

of the soufflé, go find my brother, Zephyrus.


Grateful acknowledgment is given to GTK Creative Journal (October 2015) for first publishing this poem. 


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