Poetry at the Post: Cruising Medieval Manuscripts with John Lydgate

from The Testament of John Lydgate

Beholde, o man! lyft up thyn eye and see
What mortall peyne I suffre for thi trespace.
With pietous voys I crye and sey to the:
Beholde my woundes, behold my blody face,
Beholde the rebukes that do me so manace,
Beholde my enemyes that do me so despice,
And how that I, to reforme the to grace,
Was like a lambe offred in sacryfice.

John Lydgate, English monk and poet
John Lydgate, English monk and poet


Manuscript as Medium
March 5-6, 2016
Speakers Include:
Jessica Brantley, Yale University
Kathryn Rudy, University of St. Andrews
Andrew Taylor, University of Ottawa
This conference is devoted particularly to current concern with manuscripts in all their physicality. Across the disciplines, investigators delight in the sometimes untidy, often beautiful, pages of manuscripts-bound as apparently heterogeneous miscellanies, glossed and amended over the centuries, enhanced with illuminations or with printed illustrations latterly pasted in.

We welcome papers on any topic related to these issues, including technical investigations of production; manuscripts and monastic communities; image and text on the manuscript page; Jewish-Christian relations and sacred books; Islam, the west, and manuscripts; manuscripts as stand-ins for sacred or political figures; the hybrid manuscript-print codex in the age of incunabula; accessibility and immateriality of the manuscript in the digital age.

We invite abstracts for traditional twenty-minute presentations or short contributions to a Flash Session; each Flash paper will be 5 minutes long and should be accompanied by a focused visual presentation.

St. John's College, c.1905
St. John’s College, c.1905

Please submit an abstract and cover letter with contact information by September 15, 2015 to Center for Medieval Studies, FMH 405b, Bronx, NY 10458, by e-mail to medievals@fordham.edu, or by fax to 718.817.3987.

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